Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kindle covers

While going through NICE GIRLS DON'T BITE, tweaking out the little pieces of over-writing, I find a few word choices that aren't right. Isn't it amazing/wonderful that after leaving a work alone for a while, when you come back, the "wrong" words leap out and smack you in the face? "Whoa! Did I write that? Louise would never use that term!"

I'm shooting for a Kindle launch and just got word from my potential cover designer that the four weeks I calculated for his design services may be more like eight weeks. What to do about that? Patiently wait because he's very good? Or switch over to 99designs?


  1. If he's good, I'd take advantage of the extra time to continue perfecting the work. I think one more month is worth the quality of a good cover. There's no need to rush, even though it's hard to wait.

  2. That's exactly some of the reasoning I went through, but: a. an 8-week turnaround time is unreasonable. b. there are many cover designers equally good. c. posting my wants on 99designs would get me many cover designs in a 7-day period. So I wrote the original designer (who takes days and days to answer an email) and asked for a better turnaround time, saying that if it was impossible due to his schedule, I would go elsewhere. With the wave of Kindle (and others) popularity, I feel that time is of a certain essence.